My first communion

23 January 2018 - First Communion - Comment -

These communions are a tad delayed, year of changes, soon we are going to Madrid in search of news that we want to add to this campaign, but it is so much the interest of all of you that we were forced to launch the campaign, eye are LIMITED PLACES, Do not stay without your hole.


mi primera comunion



niño comunion

As a novelty to say that the pack are cheaper than other years because they do not include the album, I think it is a success since they can hire it as an extra in any pack, this way they can include the church report or not, the decision is your.

niña primera comunion

recordatorios comunion

All our Packages include outdoor session, reminders, envelopes, stamps, printed photos, kraft cardboard box, bag and files (edited) for download in our PRIVATE cloud in high quality and without watermark prepared for printing. How extras we have custom signature albums, photopanel, pendrive ...

álbum digital comunion

On the other hand we have launched the SWEEPSTAKES of a PARTY PRINT Pack with 400 FREE photos that begins today and ends on February 22, click on this link and participate is very simple.                                                  Quiero participar en el sorteo

Do not you know what Party Print is? Here we explain it to you, the children will have a good time.

Party Print



                                              mi primera comunión tenerifemi primera comunión tenerifemi primera comunión tenerifemi primera comunión tenerifemi primera comunión tenerife

estampa comunionálbum de firma comunioncaja comunion

Y por último les dejo un video donde pueden ver un álbum de muestra.

I hope to see you soon for our study.
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